STEMatch agency reached out to us with a significant goal in mind. Not only did they enquire about increasing their brand awareness, but they also wanted our services to create an astounding logo and a website design that truly encapsulates their brand image. Additionally, they requested that we assist them in strengthening their brand by adding unique graphics, illustrations, icon creation, and much more.

There’s no denying that STEM education has the potential to provide great opportunities in our country. As the founder and CEO of a tech company, I have firsthand experience in this matter. However, it’s essential to mention that careers in tech-driven industries aren’t equally accessible to all. This is particularly true for individuals from lower-income backgrounds or underserved communities, who often find it more challenging to access these opportunities.

To bridge this gap, STEMatch was established, which aims to inspire and support students in pursuit of a STEM education and career. Our company-school collaborations seek to educate middle school students on the potential opportunities for them in the tech world, before they lose interest in science and math. We also strive to create new paths for high-paying tech jobs for those who cannot afford the cost or time required for a 4-year college degree.