APS Energy

APS Energy is a noteworthy company that has been serving the entire state of Arizona for the past two decades. As an integral part of a large team, APS Energy played a vital role in creating the APS payment platform and revolutionizing the user experience across their entire business infrastructure. In order to achieve this impressive feat, the company embarked on a comprehensive journey consisting of A/B testing, deep dives into UX research, UX testing and in-depth analytics to gain a better understanding of the big picture. Once the UX research was completed, APS Energy moved on to the UI design phases, which involved not only taking into account web vs. mobile support, but also browser support and enhancing fluidity into the customer payment portal. Additionally, the comprehensive roadmap also brought to light many loopholes that were not addressed in the original design phase. To address these concerns, APS Energy employed new UIUX methods to bolster the entire process.