Mazda Comparison UI Tool

Mazda executives had a clear, pressing goal in mind: to boost sales numbers across all their dealerships. So they called upon our team of talented software designers and developers to create a cutting-edge comparison tool that could effectively demonstrate the superiority of Mazda’s latest models over competing car brands.

Our team rose to the occasion, leveraging the powerful React.js framework and sophisticated Contentful headless CMS to craft a web-based application that would revolutionize the way buyers evaluate their next car purchase. But we didn’t stop there. We saw the potential for this tool to change the game for other car makers as well. So we helped introduce this technology to numerous other major car brands, creating a versatile platform that could be customized and repurposed for dozens of different makes and models. With this innovative tool at their fingertips, dealerships everywhere can now effectively demonstrate the advantages of their vehicles and close more sales than ever before.