2023 UI Trends

Let’s take a more careful look at both UI and UX trends that continue to evolve, take new shape and find novel uses to the user’s benefit and delight. In this article, we highlight some of the trends we think will persist and perhaps gain even more traction in the next year.

Motion Design

Motion design is becoming an integral part of interface design. The continual evolution of animation and video compression, paired with the increasing capacities of the internet, browsers and devices, has allowed more complex and nuanced motion in interfaces without sacrificing speed or efficiency.

With the presence of intuitive animation programs and animation libraries, designers are feeling more confident to experiment with motion for a more dynamic and visually appealing experience. Mimicking the momentum and physics of physical products, designers will be able to create ever-so-immersive modes of digital interactivity.

Moving forward, motion will continue growing its presence through video content as well. Curated video snippets, dynamic backgrounds and quirky video popups will become even more integral — if not essential — in creating captivating brand experiences.


One subset of motion design that deserves close attention is scrollytelling or immersive scrolling. In a similar fashion to other animation and micro-interactions, scrollytelling is becoming increasingly prominent in enriching the interaction between users and products.

Scroll trigger animation has perhaps less to do with the product’s utility than other types of animation, but when done right, it adds unmatched visual appeal and effective transitions between different sets of information. The storytelling capabilities of immersive scrolling, allow products and particularly landing page designs to come to life, despite more limited content and functionality. In short, scrollytelling provides a type of narration that elevates the content, delights users, improves brand perception and drives desirability. It is a new way of storytelling that is only just beginning to evolve through the countless explorations we see on the internet.

New Bolder Minimalism

Very little is novel about the direction in which minimalism is going next — at least at first glance. All the essential elements of minimalism are there: focus on functional objects without un-functional decor, unobstructed negative space, flat elements and patterns, easy navigation and limited color palettes. What makes the upcoming minimalism trend different is more nuanced and evolved take on the existing concept.

Carefully curated monochromatic palettes will be key to creating a modern minimal look. Combined with large flat color shapes, substantial padding and rounded edges, they result in decluttered but overall ‘rich’ interfaces. Elements will maintain a rounded and soft look, combined with flat graphics and contrasting types. Going into next year, minimalist interfaces will certainly enable more personalized and expressive experiences without sacrificing clarity, readability and easy navigation.